Welcome to Peachpit’s User Group Partner Program


Peachpit represents an elite collection of the world's leading computer book imprints specializing in graphics and design, including our flagship, Peachpit Press, as well as New Riders, Adobe Press, Apple Certified, among others.

User groups are typically volunteer, not-for-profit organizations, or special interest groups. We respectively request that only a legitimate group leader/manager with an established membership apply. Group leaders registering for the user group should have:

  • Membership of five (5) or more people
  • Print/Web newsletter or user group Web site for shared information
  • Regular online or face-to-face meetings

Peachpit User Group Partners are entitled to:
  • Build a resource library with our free monthly book program
  • Discounted shopping at www.peachpit.com
  • Donations of promotional items for your meetings and special events
  • Peachpit products for review
  • Product updates and previews

For More Information

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